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Importance of Structural BIM services for Structural Engineers / Structural BIM services, its impact

One of the major need of engineering as well as the construction industry is the extreme requirement of improving workflows and production of efficient results that supports the whole process. It also aims in completing the tasks at faster rate, while maintaining the quality and reducing costs.

All these things can at times be challenging for the structural engineers, who has the responsibility of bringing up the entire building structure while adhering to all the construction roles as well as being productive. To solve their problems as well as benefit all the stakeholders, presence of BIM is nothing but a boon.

Building Information modelling is the present and future of construction industry. It enables the stakeholders in bringing accuracy to the table and increases the project quality. BIM technology that we witness today provides much more than basic 3D modelling. It offers augmented BIM object and allows integration of 4 dimension, 5 dimension and 6 dimension. Each dimension has its specific purpose that enhances the work of BIM.

There are numerous benefits that is produced by BIM. Here we have listed few of the most appreciable task that BIM can bring for a construction project.

BIM for Structural Engineers

The use of BIM is crucial for all kinds of AEC professionals that includes structural engineers as well. The intervention of BIM improves the overall workflow and offers higher level of preciseness to the project owners. We have listed down few benefits that BIM offers for structural engineers:-

  • Pre-construction benefits

With the use of BIM structural engineers can plan and view a project during its preconstruction phase. 3D visualizations let the users see and know the buildings in depth. They can view what the parts of the building will look like. They can also make alterations to the design before the actual construction begins.

  • Reduces cost as well as risks

BIM is known in the industry for its risk management methods. It is also quite popular for cost savings. Using BIM effectively enables users in reducing any major risks and thus further deceasing the costs. It brings down the material costs and saves resources to a large extent.

  • Enhanced collaboration and communication

With paper drawings or manual drawings collaborations are not at all possible. But with BIM models it can be shared easily at a quicker speed. There are various tools that can be used along with BIM to smoothen out the process. This also allows the various teams to communicate better and plan there project in a much organized manner.

  • Increased Coordination and clash detection

BIM provides the possibility of accurate planning for the design process. And its helps in avoiding occurrence of any errors in the later phases that can cost time and reworks leading to additional expenses. There are software like Autodesk’s Navisworks and Revit that finds any kind of clashes instantly, before the construction is carried out.

The mentioned benefits are only a few of all the capacities that BIM possesses. With every passing technological advancement, BIM is upgrading itself and being more useful to its users. Apart from structural engineers, architects, contractors, sub-contractors, designers etc. The range of benefits that building information modelling provides its stakeholders makes it very easy and efficient for them to complete the processes. Just the right amount of knowledge and skill can turn into a great structural BIM project result.

We at YaBi outsourcing are garnered with expertise and experience that can lead any structural BIM project to its best outcome. We assist and guide our clients as to bring the best out of their project. Believing in us would not make their structural base stronger but also enhance the overall construction processes by streamlining the activities.

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