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What is the need of Shop Drawings in the AEC industry?

All kinds of modern services needs the intervention of technology as it makes the work simpler, easier, and faster. Like any other field the construction field as well the work becomes more precise by the use of shop drawings services. Shop Drawings are complete set of the drawings that are created by the stakeholders who are involved in the construction project. The people who usually prepares and needs these drawings are the contractors, consultants, fabricators, and other professional’s .The main use of shop drawings is for the purpose of prefabrication of various construction components. It doesn’t matter what is the type of work or the scale of it, shop drawing holds a very prominent importance. Without the existence of shop drawings it is not possible to take the basic projects to the next level. The working procedure of shop drawings services is seen as the roadmap for the complete project. It eventually turns to be a profitable implementation for all kinds of construction projects.

Shop drawings are created on the basis of the discussion between the owners and other stakeholders. The shop drawings services are undertaken for maximum efficiency of the project. At the later stage of the project, these drawings are properly explained to the teams in order to make the installation work smoother and to be done perfectly. The concept and creation of shop drawings differs from those of the drawings prepared by the architect. Here, the significance of the drawing is mainly on a particular product or installation. This does not include notation and marking that is related to other products and their installation.

Why shop drawings are needed?

There can be numerous reasons of adopting shop drawing services, for a company or an individual stakeholder. But there are few major roles of shop drawings because of which they are preferred in the AEC industry and that holds its importance true.

  1. The engineers and architects inspect the drawing created by the fabricator for the construction element relates to the actual design and construction documents.

  2. Shop drawings helps the structural engineers in forming a solid standard that is to be matched. While manufacturing the components it is important to reach up to that level as the building’s structural integrity and create high quality building structure.

  3. Shop drawings are used by the manufacturers in getting an explicit and detailed understanding of the materials, specifications, and get the required approval from the various teams. This also helps them in choosing the right materials.

  4. The MEP specialists make use of shop drawings to have transparency in their plan in installing the MEP components like electrical panels, equipment, ductwork, and piping systems on project location.

  5. BIM provides better coordination & collaboration that helps in streamlining the overall project design. It further helps in detection of building clashes before the actual fabrication and construction starts.

What are the things that a shop drawing possess?

  • Change related information about the alteration or diversions from the original construction documents. This is one such information that enables the users to go through any changes made from the original ones helping them to analyse and approve the specific alterations.

  • Information related to the confirmation of dimensions of the components that is needed by the stakeholders. Construction drawings often contains the dimensions of the site or facility which may vary from the original site dimensions. And that is why it is important that fabricated components are correct and ready to be installed without any further changes.

  • Relevant information for the architects and engineers for better comparison. So that they can refer to the specifications and details of the drawings for their convenience. Shop drawings very well takes care of the production, situation and accurate descriptions of the project elements.

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