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Architectural BIM Services and it's importance in the AEC sector

The latest technological upgrades hugely shape and dictate our lives, starting from how we live to the way we communicate our ideas. When talking about the construction industry, the latest technical developments decides everything that a building presents. It is technology that shows us how a building is designed and constructed. It also showcases the way in which engineers, architects and other stakeholders collaborate together in a single construction project.

Building Information Modelling or more commonly known as BIM is one of the best development happened in the AEC sector. BIM technology makes use of digital model that brings in accurate information and various building parameters and combine them to form an interactive model. After the completion of modelling the BIM 3D models gives out accurate geometry and relevant information that helps the designers, architects, engineers, manufacturers in their own way. It makes the designing, fabrication, procurement, and construction tasks much easier. The BIM modelling also enhances the management and maintenance of the life cycle of the building even after the actual building is completed.

Architectural BIM services very well pushes the entire architectural building project to its best of capabilities. There are numerous amount of data put together into a one BIM object as it possess all the information that the construction professionals wants into the model regarding the building architecture.

One of the best thing about Architectural BIM services is that it allows great level of collaboration. BIM models increases collaboration between the parties as we have mentioned. Before existence of BIM, the architect and contractor would require to estimate roughly about quantity of materials needed for completing the project and the cost of each of the materials to be used. The calculations had to be made for every changes and that too manually.

Now, the data is updated then and there in real-time, which means that all the changes can be immediately viewed on the screen by all the parties. BIM also automatically calculates all the alterations and updates and uses the modified data instantly.

Also, previously there was high chances for human errors to happen. One small wrong calculation could lead to huge losses and complications that impacted the final result and turned to delays and unexpected expenses. BIM software helped in decreasing these problems very well.

Along with design parameters such as size, materials, colours, dimension and textures, BIM enables storing of functional data elements as well. This gives a better idea on the operational cost that is in progress, including structural integrity, energy consumed, lighting, and several other factors.

By observing these, the project managers and owners gets a stronger hold on the project and uses the information for a better construction. They can also plan and schedule everything accordingly.

There are many other benefits of BIM architectural modelling. Few of them are listed below:-

Better Optimization and streamlining

Revit BIM modelling services offer very strong and accurate frameworks and processes that enhances designing and modelling. It optimizes the entire process of construction and leads to utilization of maximum BIM capacity.

Options for multi format designs

Creation of 2D drafts into 3D architectural models is an important task that are performed by the architects. Many a time the requirement comes for different formats, which is possible with Revit modelling. 3D BIM models allow many different design options that ensures that models are always created as client needs and as the project requires.

Better risk management

3D Revit BIM models create collaborative workflows, works on the clashes beforehand to mitigate risks that leads to better risk management and saves any additional construction cost and time.

All these above benefits combined together provides immense value to any architectural projects. These architectural BIM services helps in easing out the process and make the final outcome more than expected. For best of the architectural BIM services, contact YaBi outsourcing. We deliver the best at a very reasonable rate.

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