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MEP shop drawings and its importance in the construction processes

If you are in the construction industry MEP is a term you come across almost always, isn’t it?

MEP elements creates the strong base for all kinds of construction project, be it residential, commercial, or industrial. MEP Shop drawings are the extremely necessary to be created during the construction phase. It makes the tasks far easier and sorted for the stakeholders involved in the project.


MEP is the acronym for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. We do believe MEP is the backbone of any building. Without the perfect mechanical support there are chances that the building will have its system disrupted, like improper heating and ventilation, issues with the air conditioning, and unstable escalators. Also, without electrical and plumbing the structural complications will be tenfold.

The market for MEP is ever rising and it is expected to grow further at an extremely high rate in the coming years. It is the expert contractors, engineers and consultants who designs the MEP systems. MEP shop drawings are a combination of structural, architectural and civil shop drawings. These are drafted for facilitating the process of manufacturing, installation, assembly, fabrication, and maintenance of the various MEP elements. It decides the placement of the HVAC system in the building, the layout of different electrical units, drainage system, water carriers, piping, garbage disposals, and all such other systems.

The use of MEP shop drawings provides numerous advantages during the construction buildings and maintenance of it. We have listed below few of such advantages, go through them for better idea.

  1. Detect errors beforehand: With MEP drawings, contractors can easily identify and detect the issues as well as its exact position like if there is any missing parts, damages, or any kind of risk driving factor and works on it so it doesn’t pertains and reflects on the final construction.

  2. Near perfect material cost estimates: With the use of detailed MEP shop drawings, estimation of the material cost, resource requirements, installation cost, and manufacturing cost becomes simple. It helps in over stocking and wastage of materials. This also helps the contractors in planning their budget in a better manner.

  3. Accuracy in products details: MEP drafts helps in accurate depiction of the final of products with correct dimensions, piping links or cable, weights, accessories, etc. It provides the users with a visual stimuli for the construction design or supply process that goes on during the construction.

  4. Follows rightful Industry Standards - MEP shop drawings are created using the industry standards. The standardization ensures that all the products align with the right industry standards, which further helps in getting the appropriate license and permits.

Thus, when we say that MEP shop drawings act as the backbone of construction processes, it is true. It also increases collaboration and coordination between the various teams, which results in sustainable infrastructure and greater project capacity.

MEP shop drawings possess many critical and detailed information regarding the elevations, floor plans, and showcases the sizes and dimensions accurately. With this even the contractors get full set of details, equipment schedules and other documents that helps them in having complete information about the installation procedure for the HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing elements. With this properly created MEP coordination drawings the contractor can be assured of a well-coordinated and clash free design that would help them in quality construction. It is seen that the MEP shop drawings have drastically improved the construction process and helped the parties in cutting down expenses and saving time. If you are looking for a getting great MEP shop drawings at a very reasonable price, we at YaBi Outsourcing can provide you with exactly that. We have a team of professionals working hard on developing quality MEP drawings as per your project needs. Trust us with your shop drawings and see us do the magic.

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